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Watch The Holdout Season 6 Episode 1 free
The Holdout Season 6 Episode 1
Archer must salvage a crashed plane in a jungle filled with relics from World War II.
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The Holdout Sea...

Archer must salvage a crashed plane in a jungle filled with ...

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Three to Tango ...

An agent from the past has a hand in creating tension betwee...

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Season 6 episod...

Archer and Lana made a fairy tale-esque escape to Wales in w...

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season 6 episod...

Drastic Voyage: Part II

As Archer, Ray, and Cyril attempt to leave Colombia and head back home, Lana, Pam and Cherlene try to cheer Malory up with an impromptu spa day
Lana goes into labor as the rest of the former members of ISIS prepare to flee San Marcos. Amidst the chaos of the evacuation, the truth comes out about the cocaine's true origins.
Pam gets kidnapped when she is mistaken for Cheryl by bandits who are after her wealth.
Archer and his former best friend are holed up in the Vermont wilderness, fighting hard to come out on top.
Archer goes to the Mexican border to find a notorious coyote.
Questions about the identity of Archer's real father lead him into a perilous trap... and an explosive confrontation with Malory.
Archer, Lana, and Cyril go undercover in celebrity chef Lance Casteau's hellish kitchen.
Archer and Lana pose as newlyweds to stop a sale of enriched uranium.
Someone dies. Someone who has been with the ISIS crew from the beginning. And then things get crazy
A new field agent makes a splash at ISIS, but Archer and Lana suspect there may be something all too perfect about their new diversity hire.